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This year Kiwijam Auckland is taking place at the University of Auckland in the Science Centre Foyer (Building 302) on the City campus. That's 23 Symonds St.

There are also Kiwijam events being organised in other cities. If you need help finding their sites or want to organise one in your city, get in touch.

It's free! As long as you register online before (or on) the day of the game jam, you're good to go.

Things you need to bring:

  • If you're making a digital game, bring a computer
  • If you're making something physical, bring pens & paper
  • Food for the day (or money to buy food in town!)

Helpful but optional things to bring:

  • A multi plug power board
  • Your registration email
  • Art supplies or other equipment your team could use

Please don't bring:

  • Sleep deprivation. Game jams are usually pretty intense, so a good night's sleep is reccomended
  • Alcohol. This as well as a few other things are not allowed on campus. Check out the full rules here
  • Giant Laser Kiwis with human eyes, or really any other sort of dangerous equipment

We'd like to encourage as much experimentation and creativity as possible, so we will not be announcing any awards yet!

While all is subject to change, everyone will arrive Friday night to get to know each other and find out the theme. Then, on both Saturday and Sunday the space will be open for everyone from 7:30am till 11pm! You're welcome to come and go as you please any time. Check out the schedule for more information.