Code of Conduct: Overview

We want to help you have a good time this weekend, and part of that is making sure that this event is a safe space for everyone. You can use the link above to take a look at our full code of conduct policy, but it comes down to this: we want everyone to feel welcome, included, and safe. We’ll be trying to do everything we can to make sure only the best of times are had, and part of that is making clear the support available to you and the expectations we have during the event.

Checklist for your project

1. Use Content Warnings

Content warnings are a great way to quickly let people know that your project might have sensitive content. Give people a quick heads up of what to expect when talking about or sharing your project! Keep in mind – the full code of conduct policy applies to your project too.

2. Let us know if you’re not sure

Is there something about your project which is a little bit far from normal? That’s fine, just let us know and we can take a look.

What we’re doing

  • Ensuring all-gender bathrooms are available and easy to get to from the main floors.
  • Providing a quiet rest space separate from the main room for anyone who wants a break
  • Encouraging the use of pronoun labels on lanyards
  • Making our code of conduct easily available, and communicating our expectations for the weekend
  • Checking in with teams regularly to help make sure everyone’s working well together

What you can do

If you want a space to chill out and take a break, or if something happened and you want to check in, let us know as soon as you can (in person by grabbing someone with a crew t-shirt or online via Discord, email, or the phone number in our full policy. We want you to be happy at our events. People like you make our events a better place.

Getting Support

When taking a personal report, our staff will ensure you are safe and cannot be overheard. They may involve other event staff to ensure your report is managed properly. Once safe, we will ask you to tell us about what happened. This can be upsetting, but we’ll handle it as respectfully as possible, and you can bring someone to support you. You won’t be asked to confront anyone and we won’t tell anyone who you are.

Our team will be happy to help you contact venue security, local law enforcement, local support services, provide escorts, or otherwise assist you to feel safe for the duration of the event. We value your attendance.

Sexual assault hotline – 0800 883 300